Martes, Oktubre 29, 2013

Lameduck Pres. Aquino the 3rd credibility very low

His Excellency Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino the 3rd has become a lameduck president. Some say he was a lameduck from the beginning.

Advice as well as his very own actions to His Excellency the 3rd's frenzied determination to  succeed in kicking out the sitting Chief Justice of The Honorable, The Supreme Court,  Renato C. Corona, did not do well for the 3rd. Looming in the horizon is the inevitability that the 3rd will completely loose his convincing power to all the sectors of this country because of a declining credibility.

The 3rd's believability plunged down when a Senator, Honorable Sergio Rama Osmena III declared that the impeachment of The Honorable, The Chief Justice is null and void due to the admission of bribery of the Senators.

Previously, one of the icons of the Philippine Judiciary, a well-revered man of few words, superb intellect and sharp mind, the former The Honorable Chief Justice Reynato Puno stated in no uncertain terms that the impeachment by the 3rd and his bribed, paid-for allies in the disHonorable, The Senate of the Philippines, of the chief magistrate, was void.  

Atty. Jose Roy dared the disHonorable Senate to confess its error and withdraw the contempt charges against him after the Department of Budget and Management implicitly admitted the bribe money given to the disHonorable Senators. Atty. Roy feels very vindicated.

If former chief of the judiciary Reynato Puno - now participating in debates over a people's initiative campaign to abolish pork barrel and Sen. Osmena will turn out to be correct, there will definitely be a Constitutional Crisis.

Such crisis is enough justification to remove an incumbent President, especially one who has entirely lost all of his integrity and credence, both as a public official and as a human being.

A man who presides over his rubber-stamp Cabinet and caucuses with his rubber-stamp disHonorable Congress and Senate, and keeps rushing them to file cases vs. the perceived enemies of the 3rd's administration, circle of friends, relatives and political party, with intense vengeance and the inherited vendetta from a late mother in his heart, is bound to lose his trustworthiness to his own consituents.

Instead of working hard as the former chief executive, His Excellency Fidel V. Ramos admonished all those in the public service, the 3rd never considered coming to Malacanang to work.

His only job was to relive the family's memories of living in Malacanang where the tributes in suitcases, crates, boxes coming from  foolish and greedy subjects out for big, fast money flowed to the Palace nearly everyday and the food and wine and other substances menu, among all other perks and benefits of being the First Family was excellent.

Now the man who wanted to come back to Malacanang has lost all of his justification for staying further in that place by the Pasig River. Small wonder that some political analysts say the signs, and the writings in the wall are very clear: the 3rd's star appears to be waning on the horizon. There is little time left, such that the frantic money making, budget padding, highly secret transfer of gold to foreign treasure chests is visible. The going of the 3rd cannot be stopped. But the departure of money that belongs to the people must not ever be allowed by the nation.

Let us all stop the implausible man from raiding the country's treasures now. Let us close the faucets of the pork barrel funds, most especially the gargantuan discretionary funds under the unscrupulous the 3rd and his incorrigible trusted circles with the KKK tattoo on their foreheads.

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