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Portuguese nymphet o' war from Lima is Napoles Lawyer

What's wrong with this picture? It was already forecasted by quarters in the know that new information for the benefit of the National Bureau of Investigation, the Senate of the Philippines, the other law enforcement agencies and anti-graft bodies. Certainly, not the so-called inter-agency body shown below by Mr. Manolo Quezon.

Why? According to the new data that filtered through to us, because, during the time when Mr. Aquino was not even contemplating on running for President, the girl from Lima, called Ms. Leila sans driver, was the lawyer of Mr. and Mrs. Jaime and Janet Napoles. So the Luy whistling-blowing, is, ... false.

That's why. So who are these idiots fooling? They will see dirt they're peddling around splashing all over them, circulating all over the globe many times over. So, say the knowing quarters it's better for Mr. Aquino now and the girl from Lima to set the record straight: Why exactly did you do what you did?

After keeping this husband and wife team in your sequestration and own stable preparing for this shit throwing, why did you still have that courage to proceed? Now that your own scam via the DAP and this have been uncovered, are you not afraid of what the people's verdict will be?

Do you not foresee that a dark hatted person will knock at the foot of your bed and pull you through your legs to Kingdom come? You still have to invent a new name called NEP to replace PDAF? Nakupo NEP NEP mo.

Was it not enough that in nearly 99% of your cabinet meetings, you scold the entire cabinet, as if they are stupid, moronic retards and keep ranting: "Wala pa ba kayong nafa-file na kaso diyan DENR? O DOF? DILG? Kaso!!! Kaso!!! COA? Kaso!!!..." and so on, ad hominem. You had to go through this teledrama and suffering the people of the foul scripted language dished by you and your media doctors.

What kind of animal is this government anyway? Is it taking 2.26 trillion of the taxpayers' money just for that shit: "Kaso!!! Kaso!!!" So there the girl from Lima had to haul her ass and pretend there was a real "Kaso!!! Kaso!!!" and even if it hurt a lot of people, including her own boss whose own penchant for "Kaso!!! Kaso!!!" hit him with a big blackeye with the DAP. Now he will be the one facing the people who will be shouting, "Kaso!!! Kaso!!!"

NBI, please file the complaint first thing in the morning. The bad compatriots, the girl from Lima, fellow moronic subalterns, their spiritually and psychologically challenged boss and the artist of the quaint picture below with the faces of bad asses has been making pitiful tarantados and hopeless luko-lukos of all of you.

OMG! Abogada pala si girl ni baboy naniwala naman kayong mga naulol na mga bata. Aguuy! Aguuy!

Palace: DAP to continue

Congress people not keen on removing PDAF

Case filed vs. Benhur Luy

Aquino: Go ahead impeach me!

Drilon-Abad face plunder charges

Noynoy government cannot account for P130-B Malampaya Fund (full text below from inquirer)

Recto insists P130B Malampaya Fund gone

Philippine Daily Inquirer
| October 11, 2013 at 6:49 am
MANILA, Philippines—Sen. Ralph Recto on Thursday asked the administration why at least P130 billion of the Malampaya Fund had remained unspent, if it was true, as Budget Secretary Florencio Abad claimed, that the money was intact.
At the same time, Recto stood pat on the findings of his own study that showed P130 billion in cash from the Malampaya Fund, which are royalties paid out of a natural gas project off Palawan, “are gone.”
“There is no cash,” he said, belying the claim of National Treasurer Rosalia de Leon on Wednesday that the Malampaya Fund was intact.
“Their statement is misleading that [the] funds are intact, when I know the cash is used to support the GAA [General Appropriations Act or the national budget],” Recto said in a text message.
“If there is P137 billion available, why are we not spending it? Don’t we have a mechanism like the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), etc.?” Recto said.
With the fund growing and its disposition still governed by a 40-year-old Marcos presidential decree that sets it aside for energy resource projects and for whatever purposes are directed by the President, Recto said there was need for a new law to govern how it is spent.
“What we need to do is write a new law. The fund is P137 billion and growing,” he said.
“We have seen how Malampaya [funds] may be used. It’s time to amend the 40-year-old presidential decree to clarify its purpose and authority,” Recto added.
Last week, the Department of Justice filed a plunder complaint against former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and three of her Cabinet officials, alleged pork barrel scam mastermind Janet Lim Napoles, and other alleged conspirators in the alleged misuse of P900 million from the Malampaya Fund in 2009.
Recto last Monday asked the Department of Budget and Management to explain where P130 billion in royalties from the Malampaya natural gas project was spent.
“If you ask the DBM about the P130 billion that we have collected in cash, it’s gone,” Recto told reporters after a budget hearing on Monday.
Abad responded that all appropriations from the Malampaya Fund and the balances were all accounted for by the national treasurer.
“There is no P130 billion missing. I am sure of that,” Abad said.
However, Recto citing a letter written to him by Abad on July 5, 2011, when the senator sought an explanation on how the Malampaya funds were being used, quoted Abad as saying: “No cash sitting in bank. And will have to borrow when they spend for projects under Malampaya.”—Norman Bordadora

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